Just decided to make one of these for fun.

The rules are simple:

  1. If a lit up square is surrounded by 0 or 1 friends, it dies of loneliness.
  2. If a lit up square is surrounded by 4 or more friends, it dies from lack of resources.
  3. If an unlit square is surrounded by exactly 3 friends, they make a new friend there.

And that's all you need to create a potentially infinite world on your screen.

Playable with Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad (notated with XBox 360 Controls)

Hit C (or XBOX Y) to bring up the control scheme at any time, but the main controls you'll want to use are:

  • SPACE - (Starts and stops the simulation)
  • ENTER - (Hides the grid and counter)
  • BACKSPACE - (Clears the grid)
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - (Draws and erases blocks)
  • + and - (Changes the speed of the simulation)

The executable runs much better than the HTML5

This is a simulation, not a game.  You can potentially challenge your friends to see how many non-oscillating life ticks you can get with 10 or fewer squares as a starting condition, but there's not really a game element to this.

Here's a cool video about Conway's Game Of Life you should watch before using this software:


JCGOL.exe 4 MB