A downloadable game

Made in 72 hours on April 17-20, 2020 for LUDUM DARE 46 "Keep It Alive"


Download the zip file (you'll probably have to jump through a hoop to find the "Keep" button when it tells you discard the download), unzip the three files into the same directory somewhere, and double click the missingBrainHeartbeat.exe file.  (You'll probably have to jump through another hoop with Windows at this point to confirm you want to play the game.)


- Find three robots on a small island using only the sound of their broken hearts.
- Synchronize their waveforms to wake them up.
- Grab them all.
- Launch.
- <3

Audio required.  Headphones highly recommended.

WASD & Mouse  or  XBox360 Controller

This is a game that largely focuses on audio -- stereo directional identification, and pitch changes.  (You can't play this game in mono, for example, and will have a rough time playing on laptop speakers.)

Most of these are shown in game when relevant, but here they are:

MovementWASDLeft Stick or Dpad
RunShiftLeft Trigger
Toggle FlashlightFLeft Bumper
Aim FlaslightMouseRight Stick
Interact /
Defrabulate /
Place Relay
CPUKG  ToggleCRight Bumper
CPUKG Channel 11Y
CPUKG Channel 22B
CPUKG Channel 33A
Menu / PauseEscStart


- My character got stuck twice while testing when a dialogue box popped up when my character was in mid-collision with a tile, so, avoid running into walls I guess
- The sound sliders do not control all the sounds because I ran out of time.  I don't know if I feel like fixing this.


Brian Peters - Everything but art

I wish I could say 0% of the art is mine but there are a couple ms paint jobs in there that somebody has to take the blame for.  But any art that doesn't look like it was made by a second grader is either a free marketplace asset, or from the yoyo rpg tileset.

All music written and recorded during the jam.
All sounds recorded during the jam (except the crickets, which I recorded, but not during the jam.)
All coding done during the jam, with the exception of Aura 2.0 Lighting and ezMenu.

This was originally developed for HTML5 and PC simultaneously, but I slowly started realizing that HTML5's audio is very unreliable, and for an audio game, that could cause a lot of pain.  I am thinking about stripping all but the necessary audio and making a pitch/volume-only based system (no stereo spatial imaging).


missingBrainHeartbeat for Microsoft Windows 9 MB