A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game we spent a week or two making in August of 2015, back when we were making games under the name Grumble Labs. It still needs a lot of work, but we got distracted and moved on to other things. Instead of letting this rot in its grave on a hard drive for eternity, we figured we'd let people play it in its current state because it's still a lot of fun.

Hope you like it!

Five levels/songs right now, controlled by music (music by the band Asleep In The Stars). Shoot at everything. Don't touch anything (except the soundwaves coming off your ship.) Destroy the asteroid for a shield. Destroy an entire patrol for a temporary additional gun on your ship. Holding down shoot for too long overheats your gun/engines.

Programming and sound effects by Brian Peters

Graphics by Phil Kalas

Music by Asleep In The Stars

Also visit www.asleepinthestars.com and http://asleepinthestars.bandcamp.com for the music without the shooty noises over it!


Solar_Sails_Alpha100_Setup.exe 51 MB