A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Made during the Summer of 2014, this was the first thing I made when I got Unity. (Released under the name Grumble Labs.) You can get the general vibe from watching the video. This generates music based on the moves of tic tac toe. Each position has a note played by a bell, a game ending determines one of three bass notes, etc. For either 0 players (two AIs) or 1 player vs AI.

There are ten play algorithms encoded on a slider for the AI. The dumbest is just pure random moves, the smartest will guarantee an AI win or a tie. The most interesting music comes from the random moves, because of the most varied bass notes- which kind of made this experiment pointless, as the play algorithms yielded less interesting music.

Published Apr 06, 2017
PlatformsWindows, Android


ticktocktoex8664.zip 15 MB
ticktocktoeandroid.apk 15 MB