Windows version obviously moves way smoother than the HTML5 one.

The Tearable Three is a platform-style game about three stuffed toys that are trying to escape an evil laboratory where they've been imprisoned.

Each stuffed toy has different strengths and weaknesses, but each toy must also choose a body part to discard in order to escape in time.  Losing different body parts will severely effect different elements of their controls, and will effect each character differently.  (Although the point is to experiment with different combinations to find the ideal ones, a strategy guide can be found at the bottom, which is kind of a spoiler.)

Hop (or hobble!) your way to the end of the level to face your captor. Who is this beast and why is he performing these heinous experiments on you and your friends?

Originally made in 72 Hours for Ludum Dare 43

Be sure to rate us at our Ludum Dare entry:

But if you do, this is the build we actually submitted:  The level is harder and it's missing a bit of polish.  

All Art and Sound Effects by Lindsay Bartels

All Programming and Music by Brian Peters

*We actually have a whole story component and end boss fight and stuff, but we couldn't finish it by the end of the Jam, so we stripped it out.  Coming soon to a non-jam version.*


- Arrow Keys, WASD, or Gamepad (L Stick or DPad) for Direction

- Hold Gamepad X (on XBOX) or Shift to run

- Press Gamepad A (on XBOX) or Space to jump (holding different lengths changes jump, and in some parts of the game, the character will only jump upon release of the jump button.)

- Press Gamepad B or Control or Alt to restart the level.

- Press Gamepad Y or Page Down to restart the level with a different sacrifice

- Press Gamepad Start or Page Up to automatically pass a level with that character.

- Press R to restart the entire game.

- Press Esc to quit.

- Press Del to go to full screen

- Press keyboard Num Pad + or Num Pad - to change the window size by pixel perfect integer values


Sock Monkey: Tear out eyes

Doll: Rip off legs

Sloth: Tear off arms


The Tearable Three.exe 14 MB

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